We will move your vehicle from the top end of your trip to the bottom end for you.  We will pick it up the day you launch and store it in our fenced lot while you are in the canyon before dropping it off at your takeout.  

We pickup vehicles at: Grave Creek, Argo, Almeda, Rand, Galice, Ennis, Indian Mary, and Hog Creek.
We drop vehicles at: Foster Bar, Hog Eddy/Cougar Lane Store.
Most common trips -

  • Rafters - Almeda or Grave Creek to Foster Bar.
  • Hikers - Grave Creek to Foster Bar.
WHEN BOOKING ONLINE IT WORKS BEST TO BOOK ONE CAR AT A TIME. So have each person in your group who is having their car shuttled set up their own shuttle.

Shuttle Routes

When booking online please choose the appropriate shuttle route based on the info below.  If you choose the incorrect route we will adjust your reservation based on the route we drive.  Sometimes that means the shuttle could be more expensive, but it could also mean the shuttle is cheaper.

  • Bear Camp - The common summer route.  We can usually start taking this route around Memorial day and will use it until fall snow typically around early/mid November. If booking a shuttle for June, July, August, September always choose this route. 3.5-4 hours round trip.
  • Eden Valley - This is spring route going north of the Rogue Canyon. We can usually start taking this route around Mid-May is the common route throughout all of May. If booking a shuttle in May pick this route. If we take a different route we will let you know and inform you of the price difference. 6-7 hours round trip
  • Coast Route - This is the winter route and the way we must drive most years from Mid-November through early May.  This route is 8-9 hours of driving roundtrip. 


  • Pickup the day you launch
  • Store in our fenced and lit parking lot with security cameras.
  • You can use our drop box for keys so no need to hide keys
  • Pay by credit card, no leaving cash in cars.