Paddling the Illinois? We can shuttle your vehicles all winter long.  Just register online or call us to book your shuttle.  This is for the standard multi-day Illinois wilderness trip.  Spring and summer shuttles are also available. We have varied pricing depending on what route we are able to drive but historically the coast is the most common so that is our default pricing.  We reduce prices if Bear Camp is open but don’t expect that before Memorial day. Also, November through early May we only operate shuttles on Saturdays (we pick them up and drop them on Saturday) so as long as your trip includes a Saturday you are good.  If you have 3 or more cars we may be able to operate a midweek shuttle.  Just call for details.

WHEN BOOKING ONLINE IT WORKS BEST TO BOOK ONE CAR AT A TIME. So have each person in your group who is having their car shuttled set up their own shuttle.


You are running one of best multi-day sections of river in the U.S.